Motivational Arson..

A few days ago I received my very own pair of Valentino for Gap cargo pants. My mum found them on Ebay and bought them for me as a surprise. I was so shocked that I think I forgot to instantly thank her!
 I am currently making up for it by taking super good care of her while she is sick with the flu.

I know the pants wont fit yet so I didn't bother trying them on. Regardless of if I can squeeze my chunky thighs in them or not, it's so nice just to stare at them hanging on my clothing rack with all the other things that are currently too small to squeeze in to.

Looking at all of those teeny tiny sized clothing items are just adding more fuel to my weightloss fire... Which has become more like a hypothetical natural disaster burning down five hundred acres of trees rather than just a motivational saying..

And there they are.. Below in the middle in all their frilly khaki goodness.

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