Such A Rabbit Out Of The Hat Routine..

This is one of my old posts that I wrote about five months ago and never got around to posting. 

How old does a guy have to be before he grows up? I'm dating a man who is thirty-two and he is still such a kid sometimes.

I want to strangle him one day and squeeze him so tight until there is no breath left in his body the next.. The funny thing about both of those actions is that they both result in me killing him. Haha.

It dawned on me the other day that we have been together for three months. He considers it four months because neither of us have been with someone else since we exchanged numbers but officially in my eyes, its from our first date.

Who knew that Richard Gere would stick around? Who knew that I'd stay with him this long?

Last night was a real eye opener for me. Our relationship has never been all rainbows and butterflies because let's face it, he is from Iraq and mens interaction with women is completely different there (because to be blunt) there is none. There is especially no normal boyfriend girlfriend interaction!

He has only been in Australia three years so I really need to cut him some slack because this way of life and freedom (with women) is new to him. I'm not a secret, all of his friends know who I am and who I am to him so that in itself is a big step for him.

This week he is meeting my mum and brother - officially. He is coming to the house an introducing himself. It isn't like the velvet road I wanted, but it'll do.

Update: We reached the six months mark (by my count, not his) and then it was over. Remember that disappearing act I once mentioned? Yeah, he did the old switch-a-roo on me. He had me looking one way while he took the EXIT on stage left. It's funny that I am posting this today of all days because I ran into him this afternoon for the first time since he left...

 I should have put it into reverse and run over him again. 

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