Diet Dreams..

I watched the movie Tamara Drewe lastnight and was in total awe of Gemma Arterton
I think there were two WOW moments (of her) for me in particular. 

One: When she was in the bath and you see her amazing side profile.. 

Two: When she wore those denim shorts. 

Some people will say she looks 'fat' or that they are 'unflattering' etc.. 
In fact, one of the characters in the movie actually had a line saying; 
"She's poured herself into those shorts!"

I think she looks immaculate. It's so refreshing to see a full figured woman wearing mini shorts. 
She has no flaws that I can see. 
No cellulite, no real wobble.. She has a realistic body for a woman and I love it!

 It was like a positive diet sign being sent directly to me when I found these today at my local thrift store.
Now I know without a doubt that I have the willpower to reach my goal.

They are a size 14 vintage pair of Bardot denim hot pants.
So far, I can get them just above my knees (lol)
I have a long way to go.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

man i wish i was toned and fit enough to be able to wear short shorts with some butt-peek, haha :P


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