The Urban Turban.

Does your fringe do this when it's in a pony tail?

Or maybe it looks like this?

After some much needed styling, you could probably get it to look like this..

But without a suave expression, it usually ends up looking like this..

Which makes people think you look like this..

You could just sweep it all the way over but you have may have uncooperative hairs like this..

And then they all follow suit and you look like this..

You can choose to rock the Elvis look..

But only if you don't intend on moving at all, all day..

Coz we all know that as soon as you tilt your head, it WILL fall back to this..

After suffering from this problem for the last six months I tried all different things.

I straightened my fringe daily (which caused it to break slightly after a month) then I tried headbands (which caused a constant headache) so after playing around with one of my lightweight scarves, I got this:

An "Urban Turban" as I like to call it.

Very easy to do..

Very slimming to the face..

And it's SUPER funky.

But the best thing is, you hair doesn't have to be done at all.
You could have towel dried hair, dirty hair, unruly hair or perfect hair but your sick of the standard styles you've been doing.

I put my hair in a bun or a pony tail, wrap my turban like a headband and away I go.
I think you should try it the next time your having a bad hair day!

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