The One Dollar Sale.

Yesterday I went late night shopping at Supre Factory Outlet and much to my surprise they were having a $1 sale on all items that were originally reduced to $2.50.

You're probably thinking that $2.50 is an AMAZING bargain to begin with, but think about it.. Instead of four items for $10, you get TEN items for $10.

Sounds a bit different when you put it into perspective, hey?

I ended up spending $15 (as I was low on money) but I got a few fantastic bargains. I bought five of these maxi skirts.

What's funny is that on the Supre website they are still full price at $18 each (plus postage)

I also got a few fluro knee length summer skirts and a handful of tops.
I'll be taking photos of all the items I bought tomorrow when the sun is out.

I'll also be going back to the warehouse sale to pick up some more great bargains asap.

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Krissy said...

omg i am sooo jealous that you live near the big supre outlet!! i live near the one in springvale, but its so small and crappy compared to broady! and wow $1... i would have to stop myself from buying so many things that i dont need, lol!


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