Snap, Crackle And Katy.

I've never actually tried the crackle nail polish but after seeing the sample picture below, I want to give it a go!

Katy Perry for OPI has released four colours and the black gets painted over the top to give a cracked/chipped effect.

This may not be appropriate for work, weddings or formal events but it's definitely a fun look for day to day life, festivals, clubs or parties.

Do any of your own this range or similar? Do you consider it a love or hate product?


Krissy said...

did you know BYS makes a crackle polish too? its only like $4.95 and works exactly the same as all these more exxy ones!

i think some colour combos of crackle polish look fantastic though!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

hey hun, i seen the BYS ones AGESSSS ago but didn't pick them up. i think they came in a three pack? pink black and silver? can't be sure. either way i haven't seen them in agesssss. i regret not grabbing them when i had the chance.

Krissy said...

They sell single ones at gloss! There's one at chadstone, n I remember seeing one at highpoint too.


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