I'm Sorry, Who Are You Again? Oh That's Right.. I Remember Now.

Hello all of my friends and followers.

It's been a million years since I've done a post and I wont apologize, even though I have missed you all incredibly. I've just been busy living my life I guess. I go out at irregular times and I haven't really had much to say. There is nothing worse than reading a blog and they are talking just for the sake of making an entry.

I think the way it will be easier to update you is if I do it in categories. I don't want to be jumping all over the place from story to story. So here goes..

Love/Relationships/Sex (and lack of it)
Of course this is my first and favourite category

'Possibly Perfect' is now renamed 'Gutless' - After a month of talking every day on the phone, I ran into him at his work. We talked for ten minutes and everything seemed great.
He was gorgeous to look at but short.. and I'm not talking Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes short, I'm talking 'born in the wrong era because he needs disco platforms' short.
Cutting a longgggg story short (pun not intended), he couldn't work up the courage to just say that I wasn't his type so he tried to say that he seen me somewhere acting inappropriately and that he didn't like the fact that I came to his work and that I'm too full on for him.

In the mean time, the day he said that he saw me somewhere being inappropriate he was at a friends birthday party on the other side of the city to where he said he seen me.

As for showing up at his work? He is a security guard at a local shopping centre and I went there with my MUM to go to Coles. Maybe I should have just starved that so I didn't happen to accidently run into him while I was grocery shopping?

Not to mention that if I didn't message him or talk to him for a single day, he would call the next day saying something along the lines of "Where were you yesterday?"

Me too full on? I think not.

All I can say to him is "Thank You Midget Man for spending over $700 on your phone bill you gutless, spineless, coward who didn't have the balls to say that I was too tall, too curvy and too much of a woman for your partly gorgeous exterior and hollow interior."


'Barber' finally said hello to me. It only took him a year! It wasn't even hello. It was 'Hi'.
I soon found out that he is getting engaged soon, thus the lack of conversation with his mouth and the thousands of conversations with his eyes.


'Tuesday' still comes to see me every week but were just friends.

and last but DEFINITELY not the least..

'Richard Gere'

Unfortunately were not talking about the Hollywood Richard Gere but trust me, even at his age I would give him a Roger-ing.

No ladies, were talking about 'Mr Salt-N-Pepper'.
He's a guy that goes to my local shopping centre. He would be about 32 years old and he's caught my attention over the last month in particular. He isn't like all the other Arabs that I see. He is soft.
It's hard to explain but let's put it this way. He actually walked up to me and asked me for my number! He waited a decent amount of time seeing me around, smiling and nodding at me when he seen me walking to IGA. Even if it was a fresh out of the shower, wet hair, big pimple on my cheek, no makeup, trackies and thongs day - he would STILL smile and nod.

Crazy? I think so.
But a little crazy never hurt me.

Anyway I was very surprised when I realized that he goes to the same argileh place as Aaliya and I. I spent all of last Friday night trying to catch his eye but was unsuccessful. The next night when I saw him there, he realized who I was and we spent hours of exchanging glances and smiles.
He even got his mate to get up and swap seats with him so he could sit facing me!
When Aaliya decided it was time to leave, we got up and both walked to the cash register, went halvies in our bill and walked out in the direction of her car. He pounced on the opportunity to get me alone and was waiting for me outside.
It was SUPER sexy to see a MAN taking a chance on what he wanted.
It doesn't phase me that he's older. It's a nice change. Plus his English is GREAT so thats a relief.
I'm either going out for coffee with him tonight or tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


Aaliya/Aaliyoop - We had our first official fight about two weeks ago. She has recently made friends with some of my guy mates and I'm an overly territorial person and she didn't realize that when she met up with one of my mates without telling me. She told me the next day but I lost it. I think it was more the fact that she took two girls with her that she knows I think are the lowest kind. After an hour competition of who could yell louder on the phone, we called it quits. It took her three hours to call and say that the fight wasn't worth it. It's good to know that she can apologize and not let her stubbornness end our friendship.

Oh and for those of you who are thinking
"What a bitch you are. As if you fight with your friend over that!"
Let me just say that there was something else she did that I would never say on here. At least now she knows what I mean when I say "He is off bounds."


I recently met up with my ex. We will call him 'Jaws' for the simple reason that years ago when we were together he had braces and after we broke up he had a full jaw reconstruction.
Jaws just bought a Video Ezy franchise and for those of you who didn't know, my first job was at Blockbuster and I am the biggest movie nut ever! He offered me a casual job and I'm considering taking him up on the offer. I think it would be cool to work in a video store again a few hours a week.

I still have my own business and it is still going very well but as it's internet based, I want to get out of the house for reasons other than shopping or going out with the girls.

Aaliya offered me a casual job as her hair extensions apprentice.
She will teach me all the ins and outs of hair extensions from wefts, clip ins, micro beads, glue ins, rebonding, application and removal etc etc.

Both options are very do-able and I cannot wait.


Tannah (my brother) is going really well with his vlog and has decided to go back and do another year of Uni. This time it's only three days a week so it wont be as full on as last year.

Scarlet (my mum) is starting to take her blog seriously and is becoming a pain in my ass when it comes to teaching her how to use her new camera. She is considering starting a vlog so I donated my Bloggie to her as a starter.


After Gutless kicked me in the ass, my massive fitness program got a kick in the ass too.
Damn you motivation! How dare you quit the race at the first hurdle!!! I still don't drink soft drink, although the last week I've had about 10 cans of sugar free Pepsi Max. I am already suffering from headaches so it's time to quit those too.

As of tomorrow I'm starting to exercise with my brother. He goes walking every day and does Wii Fit. Walking with him will be like sprinting for the Australian Olympic team because my legs are so short in comparison. One of his steps is almost four of mine!

Other than all that. Everything is very similar. I'm still shopping constantly, still blonde - blonder than ever actually and I'm still me.

I hope you have been watching my vlog to keep updated on random parts of my life.

Until next time - Peace xx


Anonymous said...

Very awesome post girl! I know how you feel in the guy catagory how they can't just man up and tell you what they really think. I have alot of the same issues even with having male friends cuz they get intemidated by me and cuz I have a hubby :P Its so annoying.

You girls both sound exactly like me and my bff in IL we had a similar fight ages ago like in 7th grade, but till this day we are closer than ever :)

Hope you have a fabbyy day :) <33

Krissy said...

Ooohh good post! :) I like hearing about whats going on in your life! :)


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