Being A Goddess In Someones Eyes

You may have read my blog, looked at my photos and thought "What's the big deal? She's a chubby/curvy chick with blonde hair." Hell, most of the time that's even the way I think about myself but lately something has changed.

I have always been honest and told you girls about how the guys around my area react to me and I've never lied, never made it sound better than what it was and I sure as shit haven't exaggerated when I tell you about the guys who nearly crash their cars, the guys who cross the road just to pass me and the one who nearly fell off a roof yesterday when he was waving to me as I walked past.

The reason I am mentioning this now is because my last post reminded me of something that was said to me recently.

On my first date with Richard Gere he said something to me that no-one has ever said before. Something that no woman expects to hear in her lifetime.

When I asked him if he gets jealous when his friends look at me.. Do you know what he said to me?

He said,
"When you walk past, whatever is happening, whatever we are saying and whatever we are thinking STOPS. We do not see, hear or think about anything other than you. I am a jealous person but with you I know to expect that I will always be jealous because you are heaven. You are heaven and every one that I know, knows it. You walk past and we are not capable of anything else but to admire everything that you are. You have this amazing body and this unbelievable face. We stop talking because we know that there is nothing is more important than savoring that moment."

How is it that they can see that everyday when I can't see that of myself even on one day?

I hope that every woman reading this post finds a man who thinks she is heaven.
No, I hope that every woman in the Universe finds a man or woman that thinks she is heaven and treats her that way too.

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Laur said...

This is definitely what I needed to read. I went out on a date recently and the guy told me I needed to lose a few. Awful! You're absolutely beautiful,love! Thanks for brightening up my day.


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