Who Else Got $5,000 Worth Of Clothes Today For Only $250? I Know I Did.

Today is Sunday and my favourite thing to do on Sunday is lay back and watch movies. Today I didn't have the chance to slip into my usual routine. My phone rang at 6am. It was the guy I'm seeing. Then at 8am my mum woke me up so we could go to Trash And Treasure. It was super disappointing. The best part was my hash brown and chicken stick breakfast.

After that we went to Dick Smith Electrical and bought my brother a tripod for his Flip Ultra HD video camera.

We were on our way home when I remembered that we weren't far from the Supre Factory Outlet.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before (but for all you non-Aussies) Supre is a clothing store similar to Forever 21, Asos etc..

Funny story. I went there today for the first time and was AMAZED. I thought it would be just a dingy, dodgey little shop with some rejects, samples, seconds etc. I was WRONG. It was MASSIVE. There were over 100 racks and tables packed full of clothes and there were 30 racks of $10 items alone, which in itself is a bargain, right?

That's what I thought until I seen the two deals they were offering. The 30 odd racks of $10 clothes were $10 each an item or fill a bag for $50. That was a good deal but when I seen the bigger deal they had, I HAD to go for it. Fill a box for $250. I'm not one to spend $250 in one store but the deal completely sold me.

I bought the box and the hunt was on for the best items in my size. Not many people buy the boxes apparently so the girl didn't even know how to put it through the register! Anyway, after 2 hours, 30 racks and 40 odd trance songs later - I was ready to go through the check out. When I got to the register, the girl said, "How many items were you able to fit in there? We usually average about 50 - 60 items a box." I tried to hide my smile (because my mum and I could make packing a box into an Olympic sport). When she opened the box to see every single item neatly folded and pressed down, she looked at my mum and I like we were the Devil. She could not believe how much we fit into the box! Little did she know that every 10 items I put in the box, I either sat in the box or took my shoes off and pretended to squash the grapes like the Italians do when making wine. That was my version of a vacuum sealed box. When we got home, we unpacked the box ourselves and counted up the items. For $250 we got 210 items. One of the other workers actually said to the girl serving us "Are they allowed to have that many items shoved into the box?" But like the sign said - "As much as you can fit for $250."

Let me put it this way to make it more clear how much value for money this box was.

Each item was originally on sale for $10 each.
That means today I got $2,100 worth of clothes for $250. Not to mention that 3/4 of the items were originally over $35 in the store only a season or two ago. Realistically I got about $5,000 worth of clothing today.


I got my mum to take photos of me holding up the clothes as I unpacked them from the box when we got home. The photos aren't anything spectacular but you can see what I got.


Krissy said...

OMFG. i hate you!!!
(not really)
but omg wow. that supre factory outlet used to be in dandenong plaza and i used to spend hours in there before they moved it elsewhere! its in broady now yeh? must must must go there!!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

hey hun, it's FREAKIN AWESOME. yes it's in broady. it's in a really weird industrial area so give me a call and ill take you if you want =D

Krissy said...

AWESOME! If I'm in the area I'll give u a call :D


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