Shutting A Door And Opening A Window.

Today when I woke up on the couch, it was just another day in this bad luck house.

I got up, brushed my teeth and got ready for the day, hoping that my hair straightener didn't electrocute me and that I didn't break my leg by tripping over my back step.

I've just read and published Nur, Krissy and DeAnna's comments on my last post and I'm not sure if this is what they meant when they said 'after bad things happen, something good is not far away', but today something good happened. So far so good anyway.

I was out shopping with my mum (in a thrift store of all places) and this guy walks in about two minutes after me and I'm immediately embarrassed because he was a mega piece of HOT tradie a$$. He was walking around in his work jeans that were ripped at the knees and covered in paint. I'm not sure if the few smudges of white paint on his face made him hotter, but I was definitely peeking from behind some clothing racks.

To cut a long story short, I gave him my number. Not like me at all but I finally grew a spine. He had made eye contact with me and smiled continually so I wrote my number on a small piece of paper, walked straight up to him and held my breath when I handed it over. I walked away feeling empowered and confident. It was only thirty seconds and he nudged his head as if to ask me to go out the front and talk to him, so I did.

When I got outside, everything that I thought was random, turned out to be 'his lucky day' - his words, not mine. He told me that he had seen me around (at the local mall I always tell you guys about) and that for three months he has been going there hoping to talk to me and get to know me but I apparently never took any notice of him. When he seen me pull into the car park today with my mum, he did a u-turn, parked next to the rental car I was driving. He went into the store I was in with a 'don't take no for an answer' attitude. There has only ever been one person who sort of stalked me in that way and I ended up dating him for six months lol. Anyway, back to the guy..

Even though I am apprehensive at getting to know a guy who blends into the crowd and just watches me from a far, I was a bit flattered.

I have been having such a shitty time lately thinking about Azad *coughchokecough* sorry, I hate saying his name. I just needed to do something outrageous for once. I know it's time to move on, it was time three years ago but I dunno..

The guys name is Fadi, he's a painter, he's gorgeous and he's Lebanese.

I'll try to wait at least 24 hours before I f it up. Haha.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Girl amazing! I would get to know him either way even if it dosent turn into something. He sounds like a sweey guy. I would definatly of been flattered if a guy said that to me haha. OOOLLLALALALAL! Fadi sounds sexy mami! heheee


Krissy said...

oooh babe im happy for you! just think sure this is the beginning of something lovely :)


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