Way To Kick Em While They're Down.

I cannot believe I didn't post a single thing during the day or night yesterday. I posted something after midnight so it counted as yesterdays date but I still feel like I have neglected my baby (my blog).

Speaking of babies, I just reconnected with an old friend over Facebook and she's pregnant.

Yesterday was an emotional rollercoaster for me. If ever I had split personality, it was yesterday. I had a melt down in the morning because of ill fitting clothes (why thankyou bloated belly due to my monthly CURSE), I had a self doubt afternoon and then a painful reminder of my past in the evening around the time of my Facebook visit. I'm happy for her, I was just a bit f**ked up last night. Sometimes I think amnesia would be a blessing.

Now, enough of that and onto my travels yesterday. My brother hired a car so my mum commandeered it. Obviously we went shopping - if you haven't figured that out yet, you need to read my blog entries properly haha. It was harmless grocery shopping at first.. then it turned into a shopping spree. Mostly things for my brother (so he wouldn't be sour we took the car) and because we love him *cough*.

We went into an outlet on Sydney Road and found him a pair of jeans, three tops and a jumper. Mum and I went halvies in the cost and then had a look for ourselves. There wasn't a huge selection in womens clothing but I still managed to buy two pair of 3/4 trackies for $5 each, a Kappa top and a dress. We were walking back to the car and I seen a $6 rack outside a store so we quickly looked through. A fantastic pair of khaki trackies for $6 'Score' I said, it was just too bad they were only in XS. *thumbs down*

I did however find this amazing dress/jacket/top. I say that because I'm not sure of how long it is when it's on (didn't try it on). I might be able to get away with wearing it like a dress when I tone my legs. It reminds me of the dress J-Lo wore in The Back Up Plan at the start of the movie when she left the pregnancy clinic. It looks nothing like that but something about it just inspired me to recreate her outfit. Besides, it was only $6 so I bought it. I got lots of new comfy/sporty lingerie bottoms for when I work out and I was heading to my Berlei bra store and they are closed down ='( DAMN DAMN DAMN. I needed more of those bra's and underwear. I'm gonna have to fish around for another store who sells them at cost price because they are wayyyy too expensive to buy at retail prices.

I'll take photos of what I bought when I find my camera charger, or I'll just vlog it. Either way, I wanna show you this top/dress.

Hope you had a good day yesterday and an even better one today.

Off to go house hunting (for my brother) and then shopping, shopping, shopping.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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