Shopping Trip Part 1 - Accessories.

Over the last week my mum and I have been shopping to numerous places and I have bought so many things that I can't keep track of them all.

I'm going to try to divide these 'hauls' into catagories like clothes, accessories etc.

This one is accessories and jewelery.

Bag from Globalize.

Bag from Bardot (reminds me of the Chanel range)

Factorie double up necklaces.
Heart & Peace. Swallows.

Factorie heart bracelet.

Factorie Hook Line And Sinker Bracelet.

Factorie Silver Butterfly Earrings.

Factorie 'I Love Me' Earrings.

Factorie Charm 'Hope' Bracelet.

Factorie Paris Hoop Earrings.

Factorie Heart And Black Enamel Hoops.

Factorie Studded Bracelet/Cuff.

Supre Baby Musk Pink Knit Beanie.

Sportsgirl Metallic Hot Pink Magnifying Mirror Compact.

Diva Flower Hair Clips.

Typo Skull Pencils.

Sportsgirl Pink Gingham Pencil Case/MakeUp Bag.

Supre Diamante Bow Headband.

Geisha Pen from Target.

Forever New Charm Bracelet.

Forever New Anchor Earrings.


Krissy said...

Great haul! Looks like you got quite a bit of stuff from factorie lol.. ive never checked out their jewellery range!

Anonymous said...

love the anchor earrings! I think you have amazing treasures. Gotta love accessories!


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