My Second Birthday Haul.

These are the gifts my mum bought me. I still have to photograph the clothes she bought me and we still haven't found the camera she wants to buy me so there are still some more birthday present posts to come.

Smiggle 'Fraught With Dancer' Book Safe.
Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Hair Mist.
Two Lace Headbands.
Diva Ring.
Smiggle Measuring Tape.
Hello Kitty Floating Soap.
Smiggle Multi USB Port.
Dotti Fingerless Gloves.
Sportsgirl Red Tartan MakeUp Case.
Coin Bracelet.
Elephant Ring.
Iron On Owl And Poodle.
Smiggle USB.
Diva Bracelet.
Smiggle Multi Colour Pen.
Hello Kitty Magic Face Washer.
Typo Pencils.
Diva Disney 'One Shoe Can Change Your Life' Bracelet.
Typo C Case Pencil Case.
Diva 3 Set Hoop Earrings.
Forever New Apricot Gloves.
Lincraft DIY Bangles.
Hot Options Sequinned Flats.
Forever New Patchwork Clutch.
Smiggle Magnet Peg.
Red Moc-Croc Notebook.
Hello Kitty Nail Polish.
Bardot Dove Earrings.
Hello Kitty Lipgloss.


Anonymous said...

Your mom is soo nice! Love the haul! I love lace headbands as well I actually need to get me some more I've worn mine down :P

Andrea. said...

Omg I love everything. I just ordered that bird ring from f21. You have great taste. Don't you wish everyday could be your birthday? There would be alot of spoiled people in the world. Loved everything you got. Definitely following you girl love the blog.


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