My Day In Photos.

After blow-drying my hair.
Light ash brown my a$$.





HOTD Before Straightener Curls.

HOTD After Straightener Curls.

Bird On A Wire - Fave Movie.

Guess Earrings.

GO-LO Trip.

Woolworths Trip.

Waiting In The Car.

Mum Putting Stuff In The Boot.

Pokie Tongue In The Mirror.

PO Box Trip.

OOTD - After Trying On Cargo Pants.

FOTN. On My Way To Meet Jello In The City.


Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

OMG Look at you!! You look soooo pretty! I think I envy your body hehee. You look great in anything you wear. Love the fotd and hotd. Did your color end up turning out darker I take it?

Bury Me In Velvet said...

LOL, you envy my body? have you sustained a head injury recently? =p

i thank my wonder Italian heritage for the curves that i have. i dont know why i neglect them. if i lost a good 10kg id be super-short super-model material ROFLL. joking, but i definitely have an hourglass figure thats for sure.

i dress to suit what i have which usually means emphasizing the smaller waist, big bust and big bum. no matter what i wear my bum and boobs look massive so i make sure its as flattering as possible. i try to stay away from pants and turtle necks as they always seem to throw me way out of proportion.

thanks for the compliments hun. im finally getting my confidence back and i think that shows more than anything.

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Heck No!!! You are gorgeous!! I am sure a modeling agency would pick you up in no time in Italy.
Your lucky you are italian! You really do remind me of a fafi girl :) And hellooooo they are smokin!

And your welcome! <33


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