This is a top that I bought today, but the skirt is part of my OOTD.

This was my actual OOTD.

Cotton On grey mini dress worn as a skirt
Supre coral knit jumper
Steve Madden thongs

Taken With Digi Cam.

Taken On Macbook.

Taken On Macbook.

Digicam close up of my eyes.

Lips Taken With Digi Cam.

Lips Taken With Macbook.

Today was a yeh-hey kind of a day. My mum and I were driving all over the countryside so I'm exhausted at the moment. Too exhausted to even go and wipe the dishes..


Anyway, I hope you like my face of the day (fotd).

This is how crappy the eyeshadow looked after 2 hours so I will never recommend Napoleon Perdis. I always have bad experiences with all of his products.

Trublend in Creamy Natural
Bourjois Shimmery Rose blush (can't remember shade name, if you really want to know, ask and I'll look)

Napoleon Perdis NP quad palette - chocolate, brown, nude and baby pink. (Chocolate shade used)
Eyebrights Black Pearl eyeliner
Shitty YSL mascara - will be doing a thumbs down review asap!

Stunning shade of coral/peach from Red Earth that has been discontinued for years so there's no point in writing the shade .

I love wearing dark brown eyeshadow, I don't wear it often enough. Maybe that's the reason I love it so much.

I'd love to waffle on and tell a story and recap my day but I'm honestly too wrecked. Time to sit in front of the heater and continue my Harry Potter marathon. Think were up to movie 4.

Have a good night.

PS - Sorry my OOTD's are so boring. I can never be bothered dressing up in winter. All my nice clothes are summer ones lol. Tomorrow I have a date so I'll have to spunk myself up.

Ugh, that reminds me - have to dye my hair. Twice. Top black and bottom light ash brown. What a marathonnnnnnnn effort.

I might also give mum a mani-pedi if she's nice to me. Haha.

Geez, I'm feeling more alive already. I don't know if it's my blog or the sugar rush I just got from my dinner. Sugar rush at dinner you ask? None of us could be bothered cooking so we are each having an apple danish we just bought at Woolworths for dinner. Made fresh daily. Only 95c each!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple danish a day keeps my dentist gay. (Meaning happy. Happy because I will have to spend a lot of money on my teeth if I keep eating sweets.)

Shuttup Sebastian. I know your reading this and your already thinking up a comment to make.


nicoletta said...

Ah loving your blog hun. Your makeup looks gorgeous on you. Love that lipstick its the perfect colour x

3Wildxx said...

You have a beautiful face :)
Please follow me:

Frankie xxx

Becky said...

Nice outfit!
I like the lipstick colour

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Love the ootd! And the eyeshadow color looked great on you. Did you use an eye primer before you applied it? maybe thats why it faded..


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