Ranga McRangason.

I jumped the gun and bleached my hair again. I'm using highlighting kits so that it's not a harsh bleach. The last thing I want to do is burn or melt off the ends of my hair. It took my years to get my length back and no two tone dream can make me sacrifice my length.

After bleaching it a second time, I'm Ranga McRangason. It's black, lightens down burgundy then the ends are orange. I think my hair is way past the toner stage. I'm gonna have to put a brown over the orange, which burns me because it feels like it takes away the lightness I've just accomplished. I'm going to put a dark ash blonde over the red/orange, put a toner over that and then see where I'm at. Fingers crossed I don't need to put a brown over the blonde orange and red. Haha. My hair is still damp in this photo but you get the idea of what it's like at the moment.

I'm going to my grandparents again tomorrow. This time for around 7 - 10 days. Last time I didn't get a long enough stay. As you can imagine, their house is so peaceful. Always bright and postive. I know it sounds stupid but just look at the photo of their spare bedrooms! It always feels like summertime when I look at the pink room. It doesn't hurt that they have my baby photos displayed in there ;)

This time I'll be sure to use my cousin Theo's internet to be able to blog while I'm there. I'm taking my USB with some preloaded fashion photos and 'celebrity photo of the day' pictures so I don't have to spend an hour searching Google while I'm there.

I will remember to take a lot more photos this time. My last visit felt rushed and I never had my camera on hand to take as many photos as I would have liked.

This wont be the last post I do today so I wont say my goodbyes until tonight.



Anonymous said...

what is your original hair color again?

Bury Me In Velvet said...

it changes. when i was young it was bright blonde, then sandy blonde, then light brown, then medium brown, then dark blonde again. why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

Oh just so I could put myself into your shoes with your hair journey so far :) I am curious about it since I have never really dyed my hair before besides a darker nutmeg sorta color and it wasn't even permanent.


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