A Lot Of Words.

I have had an interesting day to say the least. My ex boyfriend, you know - the one. Yeah, well his girlfriend added me on Facebook. I knew it was just a matter of time before him or his girlfriend contacted me. It was not a conversation I've ever wanted to have. I like to just swim in my denial, pretending that they are just as miserable as I am.

This is not the case.

They are 'getting serious' so she wanted me to clear up a few things he had told her, she wanted to know if he still contacts me and a few other random things.

It's only natural to harbour ill will towards an ex boyfriends new partner. Whether you love him or hate him, she's the new you. Your replacement, a better or different version of you.

I've spent a year telling myself they are a phase and she isn't worthy of having him but after talking to her, I (hate to admit it) harbour no ill will towards her what-so-ever. She was actually kind of nice, in that new girlfriend 'I have your man' kind of way. It was hard for me to resist telling her that I think she's not worthy of having him and that she doesn't deserve him, but then again, he didn't think I was worthy of having him either.

Arghh, it's days like these that I think 'life sucks, it's bullshit and unfair'.

So yeah, that was my morning. Cutting onions - again. Doing my makeup, cutting some more onions and then touching up my makeup. He really has a way of dragging me down. I had to go to the supermarket with my mum. I knew there was a chance of waterworks but I applied some waterproof mascara and went anyway.

We hired a dvd out of the machine at Woolworths and caught the bus home. The bitch who abused me a while back was on the bus too and what do ya know? She was having a bitch about the bus driver asking to see her concession card. While trying very hard to ignore her, I looked up from beneath my messy fringe and seen a guy staring at me. He was cute, about 24 and he reminded me of this guy I used to know. I didn't think anything of it.

I got off the bus at Paris Road and walked down the street on my way home. Mum and I were laughing and joking about how heavy the groceries were when I seen the guy from the bus walking 20 paces in front of us. I hadn't even seen him get off at our stop. He disappeared from sight as we fell behind due to walking at a snails pace. I walked past the fruit shop and he was standing against a pole, thinking I was going to walk that way. I didn't. We kept walking and passed a petrol station. There was a guy getting out of a red Holden VT. He was wearing a green zip up Everlast jacket and he was GORGEOUS to say the least. We made eye contact, I thought nothing of it and kept walking.

Two houses down and the corner of my eye picked up something. I looked over across the road and there was the guy from the bus walking one house infront of us on the opposite side of the road. I noticed it because he was looking over at me every few seconds. It was flattering, but kind of weird. Twenty houses down, still there, thirty houses down, still there. One house from my street and he turns into a side street, still looking at me.

I turn into my street, walk across the road and almost get run over by some idiot wearing a green zip up Everlast jumper driving a red Holden VT.

'What is this? Stalkers day?' My mum asked me.

The red VT drove up to the end of my street as slowly as possible, did a U turn and came back. He stopped out the front of my house as I was getting my keys out, sat there for a moment and then drove off.

It's weird the way life works.

This morning I was having a good cry because I actually wished Azad's girlfriend good luck in her future with him. This afternoon I was scared of what comes next and tonight, I'm being followed home by two attractive guys.

Close the door, Cue the open window.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, creepy guys. I would have been like yes?can I help you with something? Or my nerdy side would take effect and say What? Do I have something on me? LOL

It's hard to deal with issues that arise like that about your exes. I recently have had issues to, and had my ex fiance's new gf contact me. I do not respond. It's better that way.At least for me. I hate drama and I don't like feeling pissy and sobby so I block it all. :)feel better soon. Good days are to come for you. OH CONGRATS on the new house :)


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