Knock Knock. Whos There?

The postman arrived today with my Dior 'Trigger Plum' nail polish and Chanel 'Intimitable' sample sized mascara.

I bought these together off Ebay extremely cheap.

Chanel mascara has always worked well on me. It never clumps, is always the blackest of black and my lashes are always false-lash long.

The nail polish was $1.95 and the mascara was $4 odd plus around $5 postage.

Dior Trigger Plum taken with flash.


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

WOW your lashes do look fake!! I want lashes like that!! lol so pretty! and that nail polish is great looking also!! I cant believe that mascara cost 30 dollars on the chanel website! they are crazy...but your lashes are HOTT i might have to check out EBAY.

Anonymous said...

nice mascara your lashes look great!


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