Your Lips Themselves Are NUDE!

I love nude lipsticks and I understand there is a different between peach, purple, pink and beige nude lipsticks but do you really need to have 30 different nude lipsticks? 

I hate to offend anyone but seriously, your spending at least $15 AUD on each lipstick only to have a collection of 30 lipsticks that are basically the same colour.

It's like your going to wake up each day and say 
'Should I wear the nude, the nude, or the nude? Ohhh it's such a tough decision!'

Why not cover your bases and buy a nude pink, nude peach, nude mauve, nude beige and another nude pink in a different brand.. THEN buy a red, a burgundy, a light brown, a dark brown, a silver, a bright purple, a bold coral, a bronze, a black, a gold, a plum and another red lipstick in a different brand???? 

At least then you will have something different each day! 

Shit. I've seen at least 10 blogs of girls doing swatches of their 20 odd nude lipsticks. 

F me.


L said...

haha thats totally true!

Make Up Nonsense said...

I know what you mean. I have 2 nudes lippies. 1 the color of my lips and the 2nd is a concealer beigey nude and THATS IT! I see all these girls and theier huge makeup collections and I just think to myself it's makeup gluttony! It's cool to see the diff shades and all but no one NEEDS 253 shades of the same thing!

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

yikes thats way to many. I like to stick with different shades as well.

ManEater said...

HAHAHAH You're my kinda girl. Thanks for following. Diggin your blog as well. ;)

paige said...

hahahaha i freaking love your posts. you always make me laugh. i cant do nude anyways, it just makes me look like i have foundation lips(ew) :)

Bury Me In Velvet said...

L - Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comment.

Make Up Nonsense - I think it comes down to the fact that people are still scared of colour. They can do a million eyeshadow colours but when it comes to lips, they run and hide haha.

Deanna/Snow Bunny - Me too! I'm on a nude lipstick diet haha.

ManEater - I'm IN LOVE with your blog. Your huge smile is the greatest haha.

Paige - Agreed. Nude lips on a lot of people look terrible.


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