When Guys Hit Their Peak.

Like most other girls in the world, I love celebrity guys around their toy-boy rebellious highschool/college age. I have noticed that a lot of them go from the hot teen to the not-so-hot, balding, greasy, overweight middle aged men.

Some of them just hit the plastic surgery and turn from one extreme to the other.

Take Christian Slater for example. He was a stud. He is still attractive but I feel like I need to cover my ears whenever I watch him on tv. I cover my ears when I'm worried that something scary will happen. It slims down my reaction and fright level I guess you could say. 

Well, thats the feeling I get when I watch Christian Slater. I'm constantly waiting for his eyebrows to start flapping and fly straight off his face. 

He went from HOT shit-head little brother in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves (with Kevin Costner) to a harsher version of the McDonalds golden arches. They are wayyy past seagull wings now my friend!!  

Maybe other people share the same opinion as me and thats why all of his tv shows keep getting cancelled. 

There are thousands of women across the world sitting down in front of their tv and watching his shows with their hands literally over their ears because they are keen on watching but still fearful they are about to witness his eyebrows kick into flight mode. 

His botox can only keep those babies on autopilot for so long before they take matters into their own hairs. 

Just look at the then and now photos!

That is so unnatural. What a shame. 

Another plastic surgery issue I have is with Mickey Rourke. 

I watched Wild Orchid when I was younger and let me tell you.. That ruined my chances of ever being completely satisfied with a normal nice guy. 

It led me straight to the damaged, secretive, untrusting, manipulative, heartbreakers that I knew would only disappoint and hurt me but I took all of those negatives and looked at the two positives. 

He would be blissfully beautiful, seductive and mysterious and he would love me with the fire of a thousand suns if I broke down that wall he had built around himself.

Still waiting on the fire of a thousand suns part.. 

Guess I'm just going to have to stick with the incredibly sexy Andy Garcia. 

What can I say? There is practically nothing he could do that would make me take him off the 'Godfather 3' pedestal. 

Oh Andy Baby. 

SHIT! After seeing this, maybe it's time to break the legs of the pedestal to bring it more down to Earth.. Thankyou Andy Gorilla for ruining my fantasy.. Oh, I mean Andy Garcia ;) Hahahahahha.

Who was your teen celeb crush? 
Who do you think has aged well? 
Who do you think has aged terribly?


Anonymous said...

OMG best laugh I've had all day....!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is some scarey footage hahah jk. I now what you mean big time. I used to be so in love with Leonardo Dicaprio after Romeo and Juliet and thought he was the hottest thing ever. I even think I wrote to him a few times asking him to come marry me lol. I think hes still okay I guess. Hes a bit fatter, not to much. I just wish he would have kept the blonder hair. My new crush is definatly on your blog and yes his name is Alexander Skarsgard no joke! I love True Blood and I just watched the recent season..hes up to something with miss sookie. :)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

OMG, Andy Garcia is soooo hairy, he's scary lol.

I saw a re run episode of Extreme Home Makeover and Christian Slater was the guest celeb. I was like damn, his face didn't change at all. My aunt was like, its plastic surgery. Dang!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. Glad you can diggit ;)

DeAnna/Snow Bunny - Ohh Leo DiCaprio.. Romeo & Juliet was like the highest peak of teenage sexiness lol.

Becky/EveryDay Makeup - Hahaha, I know. I don't mind the extra weight but pleaseeeee, wax that back.

Tayebug said...

I had the hugest crush on Mickey Rourke when he was in 9 1/2 weeks. Turned me into a woman ready for a spanking!! Then.......oh what happened!! Have you seen him in Once upon a time in Mexico? (that was the first time I saw him after he...um...turned, and I didn't even know it was him). So sad.

ManEater said...

HAHAHAHHA I see this all the time with guys I knew 4 years ago during my college freshman days. And I'm mostly talking about those frat boys. I see em now and they're all fat, baldy, and just not cute...at all. Worst thing is...they think they're still 21 year old frat boys.

Cela said...

You really made me laugh! but a big old smile on my face.

We all age, such a shame when people do it so ungracefully.


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