Rolling In Cats.

Woah, I woke up to 17 comments. Thankyou heaps. I had a bad dream lastnight so it was something good to wake up to. 

My dream was that I was rolling in lollies. Sounds like a great dream but they were all the lollies that I don't like. They were teeth, bananas, black cats, yellow jelly babies, green snakes, red raspberries, mint leaves and alot of others. 

I was in the middle of reading a comment and I reached down, pulled a black cat off my stomach (from under a long sleeve top that I just slept in) and put it on the arm of the couch. I didn't even realize what I was doing! It was all warm, soft and it didn't really look like a cat anymore but sure as anything, a black cat was stuck on my stomach.. =\

MMM, weird. 

My mum looked over at me and started cracking up laughing because I didn't realize but she seen me take it off my stomach, put it on the arm of the couch (then the lightbulb went off) and she watched me pick it up and squeeze it to verify what it was. 

Anyone else had a dream come true in some way, shape or form??

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Anonymous said...

HAHHAHA wow thats freaky! I have had some odd dreams as well lately but none came true. Just the other day I woke up thinking about this dream I had just had. I was running around in a field with a baby horse that was gray and white and the ground looked like blue carpet. We were playing together like it was a dog haha. Very silly.


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