You Know Where You Can Stick That Tissue?!

My grandmothers sister is a real straight arrow. When I was a kid she always seemed a bit of a frantic and always keeping busy on her toes. Maybe she just seemed that way because I remember her husband as always being so laid back and quiet. 

When I was younger I went to stay at her house for a weekend even though I had the flu. My nose was runny, my throat was sore and I kept sniffing and sniffing and sniffing and sniffing, then I'd stop, then I'd sniff some more. After about an hour she told me to go and get a tissue and blow my nose. I was only 10 or 11, I had no idea what blowing my nose was! I didn't get sick very often so I guess I was never taught. I was always a tissue stuffer anyway, meaning that if I ever had a runny nose i'd just scrunch up a tissue and shove it in my nostril. So classy I know ;) haha. 

Anyway, she told me to go and get a tissue and blow my nose so I got a tissue, wiped my leaky nose then went and sat back down. Not even two minutes later *sniff*.... *sniff* ..... *sniiiiifffff*. My aunty went and got a tissue and told me to blow my nose. 

I wiped my nose, put my finger in the tissue, put the finger in my nostril and thought that would wipe away all the runny stuff but my plan failed. Not even 30 seconds and I was sniffing again so my aunty came over and said she wanted me to blow into the tissue. I did it wrong. I got nothing out. I couldn't get the hang of closing my mouth and forcing air out of my nose. Eventually I got the hang of it but I remember having a throbbing headache by the end of the day. I felt like I was trying to push my brain out of my nose. Ever since that day, I'm proud to still be a tissue stuffer. 

After two weeks of my mum having the flu really bad, I am now a flu-bug myself. Bit of a sore throat and one hell of a blocked and runny nose. My right nostril is currently plugged up, the left one is clear as a bell. The left nostril may be fine but my left ear is infected. I'm up sh!t creek without a paddle. 

A flu is the hardest thing for me to get rid of because any cough mixture makes me need to vomit and cough lollies make my tongue feel like it has 100 paper cuts. On a diet of mandarines and socks. I'm not eating the socks, I just have to wear them as though my life depended on it. 

It's weird, I usually get the flu in summer. Hopefully I'm getting my flu out of the way now so that when I move overseas I can skip my standard summer flu. It'd suck to be sick the first month of being there!

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