Renovate My Face.

When people say 'my face is a canvas' it isn't mean to be taken literally. Maybe someone should have let L'Oreal know that before they invented the 'True Match Roller'. 

Thankyou L'Oreal. Now I can get practice for painting my house by simply taking a paint roller to my face instead. 

What a shocking idea. A sponge roller, really? As if a man didn't come up with this genius idea. 

Men always say that they hate when women put their makeup on with a trowel (meaning they put it on so thick it looks like a cement mask) and yet L'Oreal want us to paint our makeup on with a mini paint roller? Oh please. Even if this was the best foundation in the world, I'd prefer to use my fingertips and carry never ending makeup remover wipes to use like soap than to paint my makeup on to my face. 

I had a hard enough time using a foundation-brush to put my foundation on, let alone rolling it on. Not to mention that my face is not flat like a wall so how is it meant to be even coverage? How am I meant to do under my eyes, on my eyelids and the crevice beside my nostrils??

Some things are just not meant to be invented. 
Has anyone used this? What do you think, am I hitting the target? Or am I way off on this one? 


paige said...

i tested it out at priceline on the back of my hand, which was kinda bumpy because i made a fist and it missed so many bits. the idea just seems so silly. what happens when the roller gets so clogged with foundation it stops rolling? its very unhygenic

Leah ♥ said...

LMAO!!! youre so funny! I feel you on this post though. Its is a very silly and dumb ass concept to roll your face makeup on haha.

very well said love!


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