Who Else Suffers From The SnowGoose Syndrome?

Every time I put on my foundation, despite how natural it looks on my face, you lower your eyes even a centimeter and there it is, IN YOUR FACE, SnowGoose syndrome.

SnowGoose Syndrome; When a person has an unusually white neck.

Well that's what my mum and I call it.


Why can't I have the same neck as everyone else??
I feel like I need to go to the solarium just to tan my neck! If I wear lighter foundation to match my neck I'd have to go so pale that Morticia Addams would look like she had a tan if she stood next to me.

It's only been the last two years that I've noticed it and as soon as it happened I looked high and low for a 'cure'.
I've tried it all: Putting foundation all the way down my neck, putting a tinted moisturizer on my neck after I do my foundation, applying fake tan on my neck (worst idea in the world), going to solarium and I even thought that exfoliating regularly might help my skin tone to even out but none of them had a successful ending. I've used creams that are meant to even your skin tone, creams that mend scars, creams that this, creams that that, but nothing has worked. I think I'm destined to suffer from SnowGoose Syndrome for life.

You will think I'm over-exaggerating because when you look back over my photos it isn't a predominant 'flaw' but it's just one of those things that get to me. I feel like everyone is staring at my big white neck and like they are thinking I don't know how to match my foundation to my skin tone.

Does anyone else have something that niggles at them? If so, please let me know what is it. Maybe it'll make me less paranoid about my neck.


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kirstyb said...

im allergic to an additive and every time i eat a food with it in my neck swells & my face goes puffy! problem - no one knows what additive it is! boo hoo xxxx


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