When You Were Youngggggg

Ahh, remember the days..

When you were a bad ass if you owned a straightener because that was something that only hairdressers had. Before extensions were so easily available they may as well have sold them at the supermarket and before shaving one side of your head was the must-do of the season.

Back when guys had undercuts and wore baggy jeans. Back when girls thought the coolest thing you could have was a belly button piercing or a nose ring.

Before 15 year olds had tattoos and before solarium was the new black.

Maybe all of those things were still big in society back in the early 00's.
Perhaps I was just too young to take any notice, either that or I was living under a rock.

It just seems that back in the old days, things were much more simple. In the early 00's I don't know a single girl around who would have messed with punk or goth fashion. You would have been ridiculed for wearing too much black, anything leather, studded or spiked. The most daring thing to own was a pair of Doc Martens! But now all of that has changed, now it's extremely chic to wear a studded & spiked leather jacket over a baby pink lace skirt and silk pastel top. It's chic to wear ripped fishnet stockings, military boots and a sweetheart dress.

It seems like the sky is the limit.. And I'm happy about that. No more labels, no more outcasts, but does the fact that we can be a different person from one day to the next mean we have lost our individuality? The way fashion is going, women dressing in mens clothes, guys dressing in womens.. Are we all going to blend together? Are we losing what makes us different? I am sure that whatever we wear now, someone else has worn it before.

When did we lose the 'norm'? When did we lose the 'standard'? When did we lose our boundaries?

I dunno about the rest of you but it kind of intimidates me. This whole, no limits era. Maybe it's because I'm living in Australia at the moment, maybe it's because I feel that I need to lose 10kg before I can go all thigh high boots and a mini dress on ya'll or maybe it's the simple fact that I was raised in a small town where blue and green should never be seen without a colour inbetween. Haha, how tacky?!

Don't get me wrong. I'm the first to break most fashion rules. I buy the most stunning, stand alone, 'no-one else would dare to wear this' items but it seems that they do, have and will wear them. I'm moving to the fashion capital of the world and I'm worried that I'm throwing myself in the deep end and that I'll drown.

It's time to start taking chances. To get off my ass (however proud of it I am) and lose some kgs so that when I get off the plane in Italy next month, which is their hottest month of the year.. I will be able to wear my new YSL sandals, a MINI dress, some fantastic accessories and a freakin' awesome bag that consists of 50 colours and walk to the car without having to adjust my skirt 1500 times because I feel like it's riding up and you might accidentally see a part of my leg that I don't like.

I gotta get with the size 8 program.
(For all you UK, Euro and US ladies.. A size 8 in Aus is pretty damn small)

Wish me luck.

Oh, I almost forgot. From today onwards, It's Drew Barrymore Month. Will explain in my next post.


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