Drew 'Barrymore Month'

Most women idolize Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Dita Von Teese, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie.. Hell some of you even idolize Megan Fox for some unknown reason and although I find all of these women gorgeous in their own way (except Megan Fox, Megan Plastic more like it), they are not my pick of the litter.

Unlike 'most' women out there, I think Drew Barrymore is IT.

She isn't classically 'beautiful', she can be nerdy, she isn't overly glamorous all the time but she is another REAL woman in my eyes. I find her cute and stunning in a way that hardly ANY of the Hollywood celebs are. She was/is a wild child and I admire that. Down to my bones I admire that. Wild is the way.

So, every day for the next 31 days I am putting a photo of Drew Barrymore in my posts. A different photo every single post. They will be random and have nothing to do with my post. I may not even mention her name again after this post but just know that she will be featured.

Let's get it started..

I must say that most of the photos of Drew Barrymore taken in the 90s will be thanks to www.thedrewseum.com because they have photos of her that I have never seen before. Awesome site guys. Thanks for the lend even though you known nothing about it.


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