For Love Or Money?

A lot of people out there have a shopping addiction. This is no laughing matter. I myself splurge out when I know I should be saving every penny but I can't help it. I ween myself off shopping for a month and then one day it's like a slap in the face. I need new stuff, I crave new stuff. So I do what any normal person does when they crave something.. I go and buy something.

What makes it worse is that I don't work off shopping lists, I'm an impulse buyer. It's not about what I need, it's what I want. If I like the colour, it's in my shopping basket. If it's cute, give it to me and if it's pink? Pwoah, forget it! I have control over how much I spend, I don't go insane just because I have an urge but it's the same with chocolate. I'll go months without chocolate and then all of a sudden BAM, chocolateeee MMMMM.. I'll go and buy 10 chocolate bars and by the time I get home, three of them are nowhere to be found ;)

So, my question to you is..

Are you able to hold back your cravings and temptation or are you just like me? Or are you even worse than me and have to have things all the time?

'For love or money' may seem like a weird way of putting it, but it really is for love or money.
For Example..
I love things. I love stuff, but you need money to buy things and stuff.. So do you
A - Keep your money and miss out on things you love?
or do you
B - Buy the things you love and lose your money?

I'd love to know your outlook on this.
Are you wise with your money or do you splurge, a lot?


Anonymous said...

B-- I can always make more money again :P

paige said...

I am exactly like you. Sometimes I will just crave buying things. Usually there will be a period of time (right now for example) where there is just so much I want and I will get my hands on it all. I can't really afford it as I live out of home, and have lots of bills but I always manage to get what I want, usually as soon as(or within around a week) of wanting it.
I don't usually do lists either, unless I'm buying cosmetics online, but I always stray from the list.

Whereas if I am at a shopping centre and I see the word 'sale' I will buy a lot. Sometimes I even buy things I don't love that much because I get some weird kind of rush from buying things.

This might sound totally stupid but soemtimes I will wander down the street and be like 'I wanna buy myself something nice' and if I can't find anything I like, I get upset/angry haha

I really should be saving but I just..don't

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