What A Calamity.

YAYYYYY I got 10 friends (even though its at 11 - my first follower was my mum).

Thanks girls, appreciate the interest. I intend on getting to know you all now that you're a part of my blog. Don't think you can get away with just ogling me and not buying me a drink (metaphorically).

Doesn't work that way baby ;) I'm an all or nothin kinda girl.

SHIT! That just reminds me of yet ANOTHER song from Oklahoma.

Wasn't going to mention it but I love old movies/musicals. So the other day I joined a girls blog (http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/) who said she is from the 'Windy City'. Ever since then I have been singing 'I just got back from the windy city, the windy city is MIGHTYYYY pretty but they aint got what we got - I'm telling you boy, I wont go swappin half of Deadwood for the whole of Illinois.' - Calamity Jane (I might have made a mistake or two but that's how I sing it.)

Lastnight I was listing dvds on my website and I seen the movie Dave with Kevin Kline and it reminded me of how he was singing songs from the movie Oklahoma so all morning I've been singing either 'OOOOOOOOKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweeping down the planes, where the **something something something** does sure smell sweet, flying lazy circles in the skkyyyyyy. We know we belong to the land and the land we belong to is grand so when we sayyyy YO a yip-i-yo-e-yay, I know your saying I'm doing fine Oklahomaaa, Oklahoma O K L A H O M AAAAAAAA' or 'Oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends, oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends. I'd like to say a wordddd for the cowmannnnn.' I may not have either of them memorized but the point of all this is that I just said it's all or nothing.. Which is ANOTHER song from Oklahoma.

'It cant be now and then, it cant be then and now, all or nothing is what it must be.'

OK OK so I don't have ANY of them memorized so I just sing my own words in the same way the songs are set out. Either way I'm gonna be stuck singing it all day now :(

Time to go and take some photos while I mock up a barn dance like in the old movies.



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