Roses Are Red, Violets Should Be Too.

Red - The colour of rage, passion, danger, lust, romance and (in my opinion) confidence. These are some of our strongest emotions/feelings.

I've always been a red person. I went through a phase where I thought it would be the best idea to have a signature look. One thing that sticks out in peoples minds when they hear your name. So I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea. I wanted my fashion signature to be that I always wore red.. and I tried it too! After about three days it felt like I had worn the same thing every day for a million years.

In those 3 days of looking confident, passionate, dangerous, sinful and wild, I learned that you cant limit yourself. You really are a different person from each day to the next and everything you wear (clothing, make up, shoes, accessories, hair, jewelry and facial expressions) really do express who we are. I learned this lesson at 13.

Nine years later and three major events in my life. What colour did I wear to each of them? There was no doubt in my mind or my mums mind what colour it would be. There was no other colour in the world that would express me like red does. Where I'm from, (a generation or two ago) there used to be a three letter word for having an hourglass figure and long black hair. Red.
Yet my generation seemed to shy away from it. I had to break tradition. I had to boldly go where no local 16 year old had gone in at least 15 years. I showed up to my year 10 formal in a floor length handmade red silk gown and despite the fact it was a size too big because I lost a lot of weight leading upto my formal, I was still the boldest and bravest in the room. All the other girls at my formal were in black, white, baby blue, lemon and pink etc.

In my opinion, the first formal occasion you should wear a white gown to is your wedding.
Black? You have the rest of your life to wear it.
As for lemon, blue and green? Why not call ahead and ask what shade of pastel the venue is painted and decorated so you can match it to a T.

GIVE ME COLOUR. Give me gold, tangerine, lime, fuchsia, turquoise, purple and silver. Give me beads, sequins, backless, wrap arounds, trains, couture, long sleeve, short sleeve, silk, tops & maxi skirts, velvet, frills, vintage, lace or salsa style..


If your critisizing the fact that the three main ocassions in my life (being my formal, 18th and 21st) that I wore red. I really don't care. I know there are a million colours out there. There are at least 100 different colours in my wardrobe alone and I have the rest of my life to wear the other 999,999 colours in the world and I will.. But I know that at the end of the day, red provokes something in people, something in me. When your looking through my eyes, red is the only colour that doesn't blend in when your in a crowd.. So stand out, stand up and be RED.



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