This Weeks Feature.

I think it's a good idea to do a weekly feature. It will start off as something of mine that I think is 'so hot right now'. The more followers/friends that I get, I'll hopefully get some people emailing me pictures of their own favourite items but for now, my closet will have to do. Each week I will post it with the tag 'weekly feature' and update the thumbnail at the side of my blog.

I'll start off with something simple. I haven't had the chance to wear this yet but I love it so it sits on the Florentine lace-print bookshelf in my loungeroom in front of some antique decanters. A decanter being an old bottle to hold liqueur.

I got this for $3 in an op shop/thrift store. I thought it was vintage but when I opened it up, it's actually from Nine West!!

Excuse the darkness of the photo. Here's a better one.

It's not really tortoiseshell it's more of a marble effect.

So, what do we think? Like it? Love it? Hate it?


katherine said...

Great bag, beautiful color. Wish I could find something like this for $3.00!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Florida on the 31st and my mother said theres tons of thrift shops there I'm going hunting! :)

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

Oh lucky you! I haven't been to one in ages because I've been spending all of my days trying to get my store up and running. I've made a deal with myself that on Wednesday I'm going to spend the whole day going to thrift stores. Hopefully I can find some bargains and save myself a fortune on some 'new' winter clothes. I hope you can upload some photos of this thrift store shopping spree! I'm interested to see the difference in Australian and American stock.


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