Foundation Advice, Anybody?

Someone PLEASE tell me a good full coverage makeup for oily/combination skin so I can look decent this winter.

I'm sick of having to put a layer of foundation, wait for it to dry a little, put another layer and then put a little more here and there to make it even.

I don't want to look like I'm wearing face paint and I don't want it to be shiny.


Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

Hey there! I have a reccomendation for you. Have you tried Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation? I heard super great things about it.

-Easy to apply
-Creamy, not too thick, not too thin
-Blends into your skin easily and naturally
-Medium to Full coverage, depending on how much you put on
-2-3 pumps for your entire face and that can be PLENTY to blend all over and down to your neck
-DOES NOT feel heavy or thick on
-Because it dries to a matte finish, you may not need to use a setting powder, unless you have seriously oily skin
-Retails for $54, but this ebay user sells it for 24.99 when retail price is 54.99

heres her site:

just view her makeup items and you'll find them :)

Hope I could help! <33

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

Thanks so much for your advice and even the link! What a legend :)

I love makeup but I thought instead of doing a day at all the beauty counters of Myer (a big Australian shopping center) I'd ask my fellow bloggers what they had good experiences with so I have a sort of a foundation shortlist.

I'll be sure to ask for a sample of the Chanel you recommended so I can know my shade when I check out that chicks Ebay listings.

Thanks again :)

paige said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I have a lot of trouble finding Aussie bloggers too! Makes me so happy when I find some

I live like an hour and a half - two hours away from Shepparton :)
So you were sort of near me lol

I just joined your blog also, loving it so far!

xox Paige


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