Should I Take Him Back?

I was going to do a post lastnight about my shopping trip yesterday. It's in drafts and this afternoon if you look on my blog, it will be posted before this entry.

Right now, I just have to have a bit of a sook.

Lastnight at approximately 11.03pm, my MacBook Pro died. It was a sudden and unexpected death. Especially because I have 5 years worth of photos, documents and memories that are now gone forever.. Or are they? My actual hard drive died. I've never backed up my system, never saved copies onto an external harddrive or a usb. I'm screwed.

When it happened I was in shock. I was in the middle of cropping photos for my entry and it just stopped working. Then the three clicks, the screen going white for half an hour, the laptop heating up so much that mum almost burnt her hand when she picked it up.. Then it came, the flashing question mark ontop of a file icon.


At first I was angry! How could he leave me like that? After all of our time together, after everything we've been through! He faked his own death and just up and left me. After a short stint of anger, the sadness kicked in. I had a bath and cried and cried and cried some more.

All of my photos, all of my friends photos. His photos. I messaged a few friends around 1.30am asking if they were busy this weekend because I just needed a mate. I was depressed. My life for the last 5 years and it's like it was erased, he took it all with him when he left me. The first one to message back was the trusted Tuesday. He said he can fix it, he said he can bring him back to me - all of him, just the way he was. It's not 100% but he is going to try. Mum said not to give up hope.

I'm PRAYING that he can at least recover my files. Not just my photos but the 90,000 fashion, cosmetic and other random pictures I've saved. Even if he cant save all of my Macbook (harddrive may need to be replaced), I'm hoping I will at least get my memories back.

My computer is my life, my diary, my photo album, my everything! Bastard. How dare he screw me over in this way. Not to mention I now have to re-take over 150 photos for my website GOD DAMN IT.

Sorry for the rant but I had to let all of you in on my frustration. Tuesday will be here in a moment to pick up my EX-computer and try to fix his issues... Oh who am I kidding? He isn't my ex, we had a bad fight, he stormed out and left. He will come back. He will come back to me on bended screen joint with his lid wide open and wearing his apple on his surface and I'll fold. I'll give in and take him back. Frigin Macbook. I just cant let him go. There is still something between us. It's not over.

Oh Drew Barrymore, give me strength to beat the shit out of him when he comes back to me instead of crumbling like a school girl and hugging him all day. He needs to know I wont put up with this behaviour any more!

PS - All of my rant was directed at yes, a computer. None of it was directed at Tuesday incase your confused.



Anonymous said...

*giggling at the situation, but mad at the macbook lol. That just stinks that happened. Hopefully you can recover all those files and such. I constantly have an external hard drive at hand and throw everything onto that just in case my trusty Dell lappy crashes. Or maybe its a sign? Before you leave to Italy to let you know you can let go an make new maybe?

joninel said... sad with your mac book :(

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry! my mac is my other half as well, i dread the day when he decides to kick the bucket on me....


Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ Jen, trust me and get a back up happening. It totally crushed me (as you just read). Have just joined both your blogs. Am in LOVE with the photos, especially the bridal ones. Gorgeous.

@ Joninel, thanks for your comment. It was really sad but the good news is that some of my files were recover-able. Am not sure how much I lost until I get it back tomorrow but there was hope after all!!

@ Deanna, NO LAUGHING (hehe). Some of my stuff was recoverable so I'll make sure I put a post with 100 photos just to celebrate their survival haha.


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