(Photo Heavy) Shopping Trip

This was the post I was meant to do yesterday before my Mac left me for a man because Tuesday is currently attempting to salvage what he can).

I was going to do a FOTD (face of the day) and a 'what i wore today' entry but I stuffed up. I didn't take a proper photo of my makeup or my outfit before I left the house so you will have to imagine how awesome I looked (lol) by these photos I did end up taking. I wore a blue knit long sleeve body con dress from Vicious Threads (circa 2008). Have only worn it 3 or 4 times. My hair was all over the freakin place as you can see. I wore my new Forever New white and black lace print tights and some silver sandals. I looked pretty standard but I have never really posted an outfit I've been wearing so this is my every day casual look. Who wants to get all dolled up when they are walking and shopping all day?!

My makeup consists of the SHITTIEST foundation EVER - thankyou CoverGirl. One hour and I'm oilier than a pan in Chef Ramsays kitchen. I wore a pink blush by Boujoirs, dark blue eyeshadow by Red Earth and a dark blue metallic eyeliner done in tradition cat eyes fashion (flick on the end). It was a Bourjois. AWESOME eyeliner. It goes on really smooth and doesn't smudge. My mascara is good, it's yellow and purple. Will get back to you on that one.

This wont be a huge draining post (by my standards). Mum and I went to Brunswick today (remember this is being posted a day late, so it was yesterday) (Brunswick is where the post box is). We went into a chain store op shop/thrift store called Savers and I got 4 pairs of ballet flats, a pair of pink Ralph Lauren trackie pants, a Mickey Mouse by Disney jumper, a bag hook, a Seduce khaki silk military dress, a red Miss Shop dress and some other bits and pieces. Only two of the ballet flats are for me, the others were for mum coz they were too big. The mustard Tony Bianco buckle flats were only $3.99!!!!!! They have been worn like once! They still sell them at Tony Bianco for around $90.

We then went to this cafe called Yiannis where mum got a hot chocolate (should have saved everyone the trouble of complaining and just named the damn thing a cold chocolate on their menu). I got an iced coffee which instantly gave me stomach cramps and as embarrassing as it is to admit, it gave me gas like an hour later. Thank god it was cold so no-one else was waiting at the bus stop. Between mums yawnburp and my silent gas we couldn't stop laughing. Which could have made it worse, but surprisingly made me feel better and less bloated/cramped.

It was so cold that mum wore her scarf, my scarf and tightened the drawstring on her hoodie so tight that all you could see was her eyes and nose all squished together. Hilarious, I'm telling you. Our bus eventually came. It may as well have been a horse and carriage it was so old. It is now called the Disco Disco bus because the lights are dim (until the driver steps on the accelerator and the lights go bright for litterally two seconds) - not that it matters because the cloud of dust he left the car behind us in meant we had their fog lights and high beams to make up for the 'mood lighting'. Also the 'bus stopping' and exit signs were purple and blue and floor infront of it that you could have been break dancing and noone would need to move a muscle to get out of your way. Ahhhh, stretch out the legs. We walked home in the freezing cold, I didn't wanna wear my gloves because they didn't match my outfit. I called my friend Emin and got a message from VL Sulu. Came home to some linguine and a heater - SUFFER IN YA JOX PAIGE (jokes jokes). Took the photos of my new stuff and sat down. Oh yes, LOVE the relaxation.



paige said...

UP YOURS! hahahaha dont think that i am above coming to your house and stealing your heat!
hahahaha i actually went to my friends house and stole her heat today, it was soo good. now i am wearing 834958 layers of clothes. im bringing eskimo back.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

bahahaha, that image of ur eskimo-ism in my mind requires a photo to go along with it.

Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

hahaha! Girl you make me laugh so much. I was just here sitting reading your post while my bf works on computers at work and I started laughing when I got to the silent but deadly gas part ahhaha. Cute pics girl!


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