Is Your Foundation Infallible?

Today wasn't much of an interesting post. Just a few mini ones here and there. 
It was too cold and I spent most of my day shopping. I know I know, I'm meant to be saving. I cant help it!! 

Tomorrow morning I'm doing a home remedy pore minimizing treatment thanks to DeAnna. Egg and lemon juice I think she said. Either way it sounds interesting enough in a scary-make-fun-of-you kind of way haha.

While I'm on the topic of skin.. You know how I bought the 'Infallible' foundation a few days back? I wore it for the first time today and WOAH.. Flawless. I recommend it to anyoneeee! I didn't even test the colour before I bought it and it is perfect. It looks like it was designed for me because it blends so well with my skin colour. It covers perfectly and flawlessly without feeling or looking heavy or thick. It is a matte powder-like finish. I wore it for around 16 hours without it going oily or shiney and my skin normally needs to be washed and have the foundation redone every 4 hours (if im lucky!). I have read a lot of reviews about this foundation and a lot of people are unhappy with it. Tough titties to them, I LOVE IT.

It was $25 AUD so it's a tad pricey but I only used the amount of the size equivalent of two of my fingertips (one and a half pumps) which means little goes a long way. That is always a good sign for your moneys worth in the long run. Either way, I'd prefer to spend $25 than be paying $50 - $70 for a few of other brands that I have previously used. My skin finally likes something, so I'm defending it's honour. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a FOTD but I will cross that bridge when I come to it =p 
If not a 'face of the day', I'll at least do a before and after photo to show you what I mean about the foundation. Hoping my internet wont die if I upload a lot of photos coz I still have to show you what I bought today too. 

Until then, goodnight and PEACE.

'Infallible' can mean any of the following:

  1. It is something that can't be proved false.
  2. It is something that can be safely relied on.
  3. It is something completely trustworthy and sure.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo I may have to try that foundation. I never wear it tho just powders on my face usually. And I know you will hopefully like the results of the egg white and lemon juice face mask. I would say use about a teaspoon of lemon juice per egg white and mix it till its a bit of a foamy consistancy then apply it to clean skin with a cotton pad. And wait about 10-15 minutes then rinse off. :) I noticed my skin actually getting brighter since using this too.

paige said...

my friend uses infailable and she swears by it too

Bury Me In Velvet said...

@ DeAnna - I'd love to be able to wear just a powder but my skin needs some coverage. I did what you said but I put a tablespoon with one egg white and it wouldnt go thick or foamy so I put another egg white. I had sooo much left over so I'm gonna give my mum an egg and lemon mask tonight before she goes to bed.

@ Paige - I used to use it years ago but I always change my foundations and I forgot all about it until about two weeks ago when I seen an advertisement for it. Went out on a limb and now I remember why I was so obsessed that I used a cotton bud to get the excess out when it was empty haha.


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