Is That Really You?

Heyyyy.. How are you? I haven't seen you in hours!! 

What, You don't recognize me? But it's me! It's Anastasia. 

I swear!! 

Remember that time my Mac left me and I thought I couldn't go on and you were there to comfort me? Or what about the time I went shopping and the girl was a real rude cow to me and you said you totally understood where I was coming from.. 

Ahhh yes, NOW you believe me. 

No I didn't have any work done.. But I will tell you my secret. It's egg whites and lemon juice. 

I knowwww, it is a weird combo, but as you can tell - it works!

Well the other day I was having a coffee with my friend DeAnna and she couldn't stop staring at my face. At first I was flattered and then she got this vague look on here face but deep down I knew it was disgust. She was staring straight at my pores.. 

No, trust me, they were huge. I had never really done a pore treatment or thought much of them. There I was thinking that just exfoliating would shrink those babies but my face was a golf ball. My friends stopped hanging out with me because one night we all went out to a club and Victoria, you remember her right?  

Yes, well she went to wipe a mascara smudge off from my upper cheek and one of my pores actually swallowed her finger!!! I haven't really heard from any of my friends since that night. So from then on, it's just been me and my pores. 

Yeah, I agree. She was a rude hussy but anyway, I casually mentioned to DeAnna that I needed to go home and exfoliate because I feel like my pores are getting big. I played it down as though it were no big deal and she told me about this home remedy she has. I laughed at first. 

I totally thought she was making fun of me.. and then last night I tried it. 

Well it was simple. I washed my face, mixed one egg white and a teaspoon of lemon juice together with a spoon until they went a bit white & thick and then I dipped my fingers in and masked my face in it. 

Nah, it wasn't as disgusting as you think it was. Within 20 seconds my face felt tighter, within 5 minutes I felt like I'd had a botox injection. 

It was amazing. I waited until the mask had gone a bit flakey and dry and I simply washed it off with luke warm water. 

I knowwwww, so simple but as you can see. Oh so effective - You didn't even recognize me! My pores were so huge that I did it twice and there are parts on my face that look like they have no pores at all thats how tight my skin is! 

Yeah your right, I'll have to send her a present as a thankyou. 

Anyway, it was nice running into you. Remember egg whites and lemon juice. Haha, 

Ok ciao.

Texture examples of: Before & After.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! You are to funny! I'm sitting here on my couch and my bf is watching tv as I was reading this.. I just cracked up at "one of my pores actually swallowed her finger!!!" haha still laughing when I read it. I'm glad it helped you girly! I love the day after results as well. My face just deems brighter and healthier. See I told you I'd keep you beautiful :)

Bury Me In Velvet said...

oh you doooo have a bf. sif you dont put any photos of him on your blog!!

glad you got a laugh out of this. i had a giggle when i was writing it.

Anonymous said...

Yea I do I don't post pics or talk about him because I respect his privacy plus I have this stalkerish type of girl that always is following me around on the web..shes my ex's gf hahah it's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

haha cute analogy. Golf ball to baby's butt.


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