Chips, Fruit and A Hot Tub Time Machine.

Well, you must have noticed by now that I have been slacking off in the last few days. It feels like a month since I have written something so this will probably be a really long one.

I have been feeling really sick for almost a week now. Most of my time has been spent on the couch in and out of a groggy sleep with a never ending headache and a tapping in my head. Yesterday I wanted to ask my mum to look in my ears in case some spider eggs were laid and hatched without me realizing it. Would have explained a lot, but there is no spiders, just my brain. It gets my thinking 'Oh no, what if I have brain swelling or a tumor..' I'm going to 'scan my cat' on Tuesday (aka getting a cat scan lol). I'm sure there is nothing really wrong with me, I just feel like ten tonnes of donkeys ass and cant seem to shake it off.

I had a shower this morning and semi straightened my hair, which sort of made me feel a bit better. Walking up to the shops to buy some mandarins and chocolate was good for me. The fresh air, no matter how chilly it is, always does me some good. The guy at my local fruit&vegie store made me smile as always. He is a really nice man, not sure what nationality he is but he's from the Middle East without a doubt. He always asks my mum what nationality she is because of her blonde hair and green eyes. Each time we go in there he has a different nationality that he thinks she is. First it was Swedish, then Russian and then German.. It took him a good 7 times before she put him out of his misery and told him she was Italian. He said that explained my dark features and she told him I had the Turkish in me to thank for that. So now every time I go into the fruit shop it's 'Ahhh, Nasilsin?' which means how are you. I must have told him 20 times that I don't speak fluent Turkish but he will still speak three really fast sentences in Turkish and then speak to me in English. I understand the basics but SLOWWWWWWWW DOWWWNNNNNNN with the rest of it. It's like he is the voice over for a horse race. I admire how he knows at least 4 languages.. I just wish he would choose one that he speaks to me and stick to it haha.

I gotta get a photo of him. He is a classic. Not tall (a polite way of saying he is short), short tight ringlet/afro hair in black with some grey running through, very tanned and in shape, a very nice smile and always gives me a ridiculous discount. I never end up spending more than $3 despite the fact that the bananas I take up there would be $2.50 alone.. Never mind the apples, beans, mandarins and lemons I get with them. It's $3 and a free pack of Arabic chewing gum no matter what.

On the walk home I stopped and got some hot chips with 3 battered savs and 3 fried dim sims for my family and I. We have all been eating like once a day because were all sick in one way or another so it was a nice treat to eat something other than a toasted sandwich or chicken noodle soup.

Last night after torturing myself and listing another 50 items on the site, I watched Hot Tub Time Machine. It was funnier than I expected. It was different than I thought it would be but I enjoyed it none the less. Today I watched Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro. It was the most gory werewolf/lycan movie I've seen so far. It wasn't scary but you actually see peoples guts flying here there and everywhere, their bloody stumps, fingerless hands and torn up rib-cages.

The movie wasn't bad, but wasn't fantastic. It was hard to stop myself almost breaking into laughter throughout the whole movie because all I could think of was the voice that Benicio Del Toro had in the movie The Usual Suspects. It was strange hearing him speak with a no 'accent'. Anthony Hopkins was loony as always and Emily Blunt is quite lovely, perhaps even beautiful in one way or another.

Mum is really sick with the flu but at the moment she is ignoring that so she can take measurements and weights of all the items we have to list tomorrow so she wants me to put on a movie to break up the monotony. I might get some rest because I have to take 150 photos of the items we listed over the weekend so we can complete the listing and I can finally do my big unveiling of the site. We are almost at 2000 items and have 10 times that amount sitting here waiting to be listed. Just don't want to give you guys the website info when it looks so empty.

Must go, am getting dizzy. Will be sure to put an awesome fashion and makeup post tomorrow, maybe even late tonight if I cant sleep.



Anonymous said...

Aww I hope you feel better soon :( I always get asked what nationality I am, but I really am not sure. I was told I could have some sort of indian in my line lol but its all a mystery to me.

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

thanks hun. you dunno what nationality you are? far out. in Australia nationalities are kinda a big deal, well a big deal to people who are 25 and under haha. you should ask your parents what runs in the family. i've been watching this show called 'who do you think you are' and all of these celebs trace back their families hundreds of years and find out what nationality they are, where they come from, what hardships or major events their families were involved in. It's an American and UK show. Very awesome, if you ever see it advertised on tv, you should give it a watch.


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