Warts And All..

I woke up this morning extremely excited.. And then I realized I have to clean the house. I sat down on my Macbook Pro to choose a motivating playlist and couldnt stop myself writing a new post. I think this is going to be addictive so Im rushing this entry while my mum is in her room updating our site, which is what I will be doing after the loungeroom is spotless.

My mum and I have a website selling vintage new & designer clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, mens clothes, shoes, accessories etc etc.. Plus we have homewares, sewing items, scrapbooking and everything else except the kitchen sink (we currently need that!)..

Anyway, as I was telling you lastnight.. My family and I are moving overseas and we were going to sell all the things we cannot take with us on a popular auction website but my friends have told me that to sell on there the fees are ridiculously high. We then decided to make our own site. My brother is a whizz with computers and despite the fact this isn't his area of expertise he agreed to do our site for us so we can sell almost everythinggggg we own so we can afford to move to Italy. When the site is ready for unveiling, you will all be the first to know!

Oh my...
My mum has just come out of her room wearing grey and black striped knee high socks from JayJays that she got yesterday. I think everyone loves the feel of new socks, although I'm a bit surprised to see her wearing them with a silk pastel pink Yves Saint Laurent night gown. I told her she looks like a mix of sleeping beauty and a Tim Burton version of Wheres Wally. Hahaha.. She can see that I'm writing this now and she said the most amusing thing to me.

'Anastasia, you know you don't have to write warts and all!' - I think that's fantastic!!!!!!

I'll wait until shes out of the room making an espresso before I take the blanket off my lower half revealing my pair of hot pink and black knee high socks that I also got at JayJays yesterday ;) At least I'm not wearing the skulls pair. Although, I think Peter Alexander is more forgiving of skull socks than Yves Saint Laurent would have been. Besides, I don't think either of us quite wear them the way Kate Beckinsale does.

I am going to write another entry later tonight as my friend Bertie Beetle (I am not going to give real names) is taking me to Toorak with him. Then I'm going out to dinner with Tuesday, although its Thursday. It will all make sense in my next post.

Have a good day people!


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