Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

I've always been more into winter than summer but when the weather is all over the place, it becomes annoying. I have absolutely NO winter shoes or clothes so I'm stuck wearing either my bumming at home clothes or looking really overdone and freezing. Would love to go outside in my ugg boots and leggings that I wear around the house but I'm not a Victorias Secret model who can get away wearing even a garbage bag out for dinner. I've opted for an off the shoulder Dangerfield jumper and a simple black knee length skirt for dinner tonight. I'm doing the Hippy Hippy Shake I'm so cold but I'll take control of all the heat controls in Tuesdays car when he gets here and I wont even remember what a numb nose feels like.

Tuesday is my friend that I've known for years. I met him while he was working at Safeway (It's now called Woolworths). He was stacking shelves and what can I say, I love the normal nice guys with a bit of an understated nerd edge. We went out a few times until the devil on my shoulder told me I needed a bad boy and we have remained friends ever since, much to his disappointment. He and I have made a day of the week for each other. We see each other for dinner every Tuesday. He gets me after he finishes work, we drive until we get an idea of what we'd like to eat, we eat and we go home. He surprises me every time I see him. As soon as I get in the car I'm greeted with variety, one Tuesday it'll be Guns N Roses, the next it will be a hardcore rap song.

He is one of the most decent people I've ever met in my life. I often wonder what Tuesdays will be like when I'm overseas. I'll probably resort to taking photos of my meal and uploading them to my blog. I will have to remember to keep the Tuesday meal alive. Plus he loves Italian food and I love torturing him haha.

I just got home from going to Toorak with Bertie Beetle. Another guy I've known for years! It's amazing the contrast in my friends. Bertie is the typical soccer star, security guard, cheeky heart breaker. I met him when he was only 15. I'm almost 2 years older than him and I've always had a soft spot adopting little brother types into my circle of friends.

He came and got me from my house. He was wearing his old trackies and jumper, his hair was fluffy/not done and he's in desperate need of a shave. I love that about him. I'm exactly the same. I could have worn my pj's and not cared. I think he knows the most about me that I'd never normally tell anyone else. He isn't judgmental in any way so I have no problem saying whatever stupid thing comes to mind. I felt really terrible when I seen him because he was teasing me for missing his birthday over the weekend. I only missed it because my BMW really does stand for Big Money Waster. I have decided to sell it rather than fix it. Therefore I was left with no way to go all the way across the other side of Melbourne to attend his birthday at Mojitos Bar. Why not catch a train/bus/taxi? With what I was intending to wear, public transport on a Saturday night was NOT an option. I don't like clubbing so when I go, I go all out. Plus, I have hard enough time avoiding being harassed by guys in my area when I go to the local fruit shop, let alone going out in my stilettos and skin tight dress on a weekend.

Like I said before, I don't like attention. I'm scared I'll be strutting in my 6" stilettos and I'll do the wobble because I almost lost balance in one of my shoes.. Or even worse, I'll fall flat on my butt. That happened to a friend of mine once! We were in Chapel Street (before the wonderful Victoria Police ruined it for everyone) and we walked into Cafe Greco on a Friday night. It was PACKED, there were girls sitting on guys laps because there weren't enough chairs that's how busy it was! We walk in, she is infront of me by 2 steps and her new shoes and their beautiful marble tiles were not compatible. She slid like she was an Olympic Figure Skater and fell straight on her ass. At the time I was mortified because everyone was looking at me expecting the domino effect to apply. I somehow managed to keep my cool. I carefully walked over with the 15 other people who ran to help her up and tried to contain the hysterical laughter bouncing around inside my head. I don't think we ever returned.

Must cut this short as Tuesdays here and my stomach dominates everything else.


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