Bond, Miss Bond.

I may not have any followers yet but let me say sorry for the disappearing act over the last two days.

Thursday night with Tuesday was hilarious, as always. We went for Nandos and then I somehow convinced him to take me to my postbox to pick up the 23 small parcels that were forcefully shoved into the tiny hole in the wall. What can I say? I love designer makeup!

One of the parcels was a Chanel lipstick (its a full size unused tester) but I think its wayyyy too dark for me. The shade is called Vamp, so that says it all. I might end up listing it on my site with the other designer makeup I can't/wont use. I need to get into the dark lips phase this winter, even if its just a chocolate brown. I'm just so hesitant because I'm still stuck on my bright pinks and fire engine red tones. I used to have the biggest addiction to perfect nudes and matte tone ice pinks but there was only one that I've found that isn't 70's disco or the colour of death. It was from Red Earth in about 2002/2003. I went to Geelong with my mum on a road trip and there was a Red Earth store closing down. Back when lipglosses were in pots and their lipsticks were short with a silver base and a clear lid like this one (I found this photo on the net to give an example). If anyone has any of these, used or unused lying around, please let me know because I want em!! I WILL BUY THEM FROM YOU! They were the best lipsticks and they were $2 each brand new as the store was closing down. I was young so I only bought one ice pink and one pastel peach. The ice pink was shared with my friend at the time - the Black Haired Barbie. I've since learned my lesson.

Lesson 1 - Do not lend things to your friends no matter how much you love them!

I never seen the lipstick again =( But thankfully, my peach one is still going strong at the half way used point after 8 years. After all the makeup training I have, I know how to make the most out of a tiny bit of lipstick. Most girls just go over and over and over the same spot so they waste it.

Anyway, after the postbox we then sat in the car and played this fantasticcccc game called Plants Vs Zombies.
Its available on They let you download and try it for 60 minutes. 60 minutes sounds like a long time, but seriously, they are zombies, how far can you possibly get in an hour? Not to mention there's like 50 levels. Either way its worth the trial period.

We then wrote in his work planner (I wrote, he founds a pencil and contradicted everything I said with a pencil), which was awesome because I discovered something I also have a fascination for. His pen. This pen is the pen of pens. This pen deserves a capital - Pen. There, I feel better - my respect has been paid. I couldn't just let it just sit there day and night in his work journal. It needed to be used, frequently! Not just to log some overtime hours, no no no my friend, long detailed stories is what this pen was made for. So I did my sneaky James Bond maneuver and I turned the pen upside down and casually slid it up the side of my skirt and clipped it to the hem. Even if it dropped down to the ground when I started walking inside my house I could casually pretend I was tying my laces, I was wearing thongs but as if guys notice these things!

So he took me home and I casually got out of the car, fully expecting him to have known my mission all along and to foil it at the last minute, but I succeeded!!! The pen is MINE!

At least it was until he called me Friday and said 'Gimme my pen.' I couldn't help but laugh. Little does he know I'm going to my grandparents for a week on Tuesday so the pen is STILL mine for another week at least. Apparently he wants me to write with blood before I write with his pen so it doesn't get wasted haha. He has the strangest sense of humor.

Yesterday was less eventful but completely tiring. Yesterday was a 'take photos of items for the website' say. We have so many items it took a whopping 4 hours just to do the hats & hair accessories! The fact the camera battery needed to continually be recharged didn't help, but seriously, without the camera problems it still would have been 3 good hours of photo taking just to do hats & hair accessories. You guys are crazyyyy if you don't go and check out the site when its finished.

I finished off my day watching some recently downloaded *coughcough.our.secret.coughcough* episodes of Nurse Jackie, Glee, Hoarders, Supernatural and Dr Who. I used to be a movie buff, now tv rocks my world. You MUST check out these shows. Plus a lot more that I'll be listing at a later date. My family and I are focusing on limiting our social gatherings so we can save money for overseas and so its easier when the time comes to leave. 'Weening off' I think the term is. This leads to a LOT of tv shows as we all have a large variety of tastes in genres. Watching these shows is the best thing to do when we need to unwind and relax. You don't have to think, you just enjoy.

Now I'm off to take over 1000 photos of some of the clothing we have. I'm looking at this neatly folded pile that takes up our whole couch and even looking at it from the other side of the room I can see items of Bardot, Sportsgirl, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Wish, Cooper St, Supre, Wayne Cooper, Crystelle, Dior, Kookai, Dotti, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Bebe, Ice, Gripp, Gasp and soooo many other items peaking out at me.

Hope to see you on my website grabbing some bargains when its up and running.


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