Marky Mark-et.

It's 7.34 and I can't sleep. I've stayed up all night watching movies while fixing my blog layout and taking photos of items for the website. You will love the bookshelf and vintage mannequin. We've decided to also start selling the furniture and larger items now so we aren't stuck with them at the last minute before we move. I know we are cutting it close but my brother is staying behind a little longer than we are to secure safe transport for the dogs and to finish his building/carpentry course so whatever we don't sell goes on a huge discount sale to get rid of it all so we don't have to pay to transport it overseas. The great thing is that because we are setting up a .com store we can easily sell the stuff we buy at the London markets and designer Italian warehouses internationally rather than being stuck with the problem.

We will still be shipping to Australia, the shipping rates will obviously change but Australia Post are a frigin rip off anyway. International postage is a hell of a lot cheap than Australian postage. I can get a lipstick sent to me from the UK for around $2 AU. Here, even to send to another suburb of Melbourne is a small parcel which is $4.35.

The markets overseas is what I'm looking forward to the most for my business. Designer items there must practically grow on trees. Even vintage items that aren't necessarily considered 'designer' will be more fantastic than most of the current season items we have here. Australia hardly gets ANY of the stock the rest of the world does. Not to mention that because designer items are more rare to find in Australia, the mark up is outrageous - even basics & second hand items.

I am realistic and I know that designer items wont just be dirt cheap just because they are from Europe. They wouldn't be so sacred if they were a dime a dozen.

Has anyone reading this been to the markets and warehouses overseas? If so, feel free to send me an email or some comments on your experiences there.



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