Draw The Shades Darling, It's Too Bright In Here.

I finally received my vintage Fendi sunglasses in the mail.

I have gone from having two pair of Christian Dior Overshine sunglasses that are too big for my face, to now having a pair of Fendi tortoiseshell sunglasses (as pictured), Rayban caramel & silver aviator sunglasses, Christian Dior blue & silver sunglasses and a pair of Guess pink aviator sunglasses.

As for the Dior Overshine and Overshine 2 sunglasses, I am putting them up for sale on my website that will be up and running the middle of next week.

The last two days have been spent working hard so I haven't put up a post. I just added the photos of my designer makeup to the post from about 10 days ago. Sorry it took so long but I had to go and buy a USB because my Macbook wont recognize my camera so I had to upload the photos to my mums laptop and then transfer them to my laptop via USB.

Make sure you go and check them out!



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