I Think He Said His Name Was RALPH.

I was looking around my room yesterday and I noticed that I have 5 Ralph Lauren cable knit jumpers. Lemon, orange, blue, green and lime. They are fantastic. Every woman should own one. You can get them for a bargain on Ebay. It just depends on what colour you want. The black, white and pink go for around the $80 - $100 mark but you can pick up other colours for between $20 (if your really bloody lucky) - $50. I was SUPER excited because I won 2 for $39.90 not including postage but when they arrived they weren't the thick cable knit ones I was expecting. This is one of the fine soft knit ones, not the heavy bold cable knit I normally buy. But it was a nice surprise when it arrived because it can be worn in a lot more weather conditions than the others.

I had a good wardrobe clean out while I was in there and took photos of a pair of Chanel ballet flats that I've never worn, Gucci heels that were worn once, a huge pink terry fabric Lacoste bag I have only used 3 or 4 times and a vintage Gucci tote. I'm going to upload them to the site when I wake up so I don't make any mistakes in the listing. Plus I have to go through the drama of loading the photos through mums computer again. The designer stuff for the site is really building up so much that soon it will be coming out my ears. I keep forgetting how much we have stored away. Even the mens stuff I've uncovered is out of this world. Nearly every mens top is Ralph Lauren, Country Road, Versace, Hugo Boss or some other great brand. There are at least 10 Everlast and Champion tshirts still with the tags attached! Abercrombie, Mossimo, Industrie and GStar items are jumping out of the boxes too so hopefully your dad, husband, boyfriend or brother are on their best behaviour so you remember to check out the mens items before you finish your shopping.

We really have something for everyone. We even have a whole section for different areas of the home from kitchen needs to great bathroom products.

I also buy a lot of beauty items in bulk so I might start doing reviews soon for the items I have listed on the store.

There goes the 11th yawn in the last 20 minutes.

Time to go.



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