GREEN with envy.

I am usually sporting super long fabulous acrylic nails but after my car is off the road, I'm not in a position to go and get them refilled every 3 weeks so they are currently at this 'funky' cropped length. These are my little nails showing a Revlon nailpolish in the shade 'Sugarplum'. I got it about a year ago. It's a beautiful nude plum with a metallic shimmer through it.

I have always had a bad habit of biting my nails in my sleep or when I'm deep in thought but only when they are super short. When they are the length they are now it's like something in my mind stops me from biting them, even when I am asleep my subconscious stops me from gnawing away.
It's really annoying to look at them at the moment because my bite, rip and tear nature has caused me to destroy 2 nails.

I wish I had longer nail beds. I wouldn't have this problem if I had my mums nails. Lucky woman, shes blonde and has great nail beds. What more could you ask for? Besides the fact that her eyes put snakes & reptiles to shame. You know those really green frogs? They are like that.

My grandfather has one green eye one blue, my mum has green, as does one of my uncles. You can see in this very very very old photo that most of my cousins have blue or green eyes also.

I'm gonna have to twist my mums arm to get a photo of her eyes. She hates photos so this wont be a simple task. It's paparazzi time.



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