'Wonder Why They Call You B!tch' - Tupac Shakur.

I interrupt your normal program to confront the issue of how DISGUSTING the new Ciara film clip and song is. I'm not a hater, I am just sick of women thinking this is how you have to dress, dance, act and think to be sexy. IT'S NOT.

This is the difference between being in the backseat with a guy or out at a restaurant with him. She looks like trash. It was the most unattractive, unsexual thing I've seen in all my life.

After watching a show on ABC2 about a couple looking to buy a chateau in Slovakia I was flicking channels to try and catch the end of Transporter 2. I stop when I see Ciara in a baseball cap and a cropped glove. Just as I was about to comment on how cool she looked, I was gobsmacked.

Pure filth, it was vile. I wasn't even going to mention this in my blog because I was scared my gag reflex would be a problem if I had to relive this experience but I cannot hold my tongue, or restrain my fingers from doing my mouths dirty work any longer.


There, I said it.

She is the most unattractive female I've seen in a long time. She looked like a $2 hooker. Even saying that, I feel like I need to apologize to prostitutes all around the world for comparing them to such a piece of trash.

If she didn't prove how disgusting she is by the lyrics, I sure as hell got the point with her facial expression, the fact she was having sex with the floor and her demeanor in general. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.

She thought it would be sexy to pull down the front of her pants so far that I feared my eyes would see her 'lady' parts. The shadow of her waxed pubic area will forever be scarred into my mind and after seeing that horrific bathing suit she was wearing, I am having doubts that a lady part would have been revealed at all. More likely that a penis would flop out of the side if you ask me.

All the cheap moves and lesh wardrobe aside, I think the real low point was the fact that she felt the need to ride an electronic bull - wet, without a bra and a nipple erection being the main focal point of the camera.

Why? For the love of all things, WHY?!

Ciara, get a new stylist, a choreographer who didn't train porn stars how to have sex so an audience would get the best view, a new lyrical team, go and bathe in some disinfectant, have a check up at your local gyno and then maybe show your face again when you obtain some decency and self respect.

Music has gotten bogged in shit creek, there is a crack in the bottom of the boat & it is filling up fast, a tsunami is approaching, there are termites in the wood of the boat, there is no food or water and when nighttime falls the lochness monster who is also currently trapped in the creek is going to open its jaws and eat the boat whole.

In short - music of today SUCKS.

No wonder rappers calls women bitches and hoes (and worse).

Ciara - 'Christmas Has Gone, But Your Still A Ho Ho Ho'.



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