Ombre, Dip Dying, Whatever You Call It, I've Done It!

I think by now we have all seen and admired Lauren Conrad's dip dying and Lady Gaga's ombre.. We've shrieked at the shocking job done on some of Nicki Minaj's wig and been in awe of some model ombre's in Vogue.. I know that most of you out there will be like "No way. I am not damaging my hair for anything!" because let's face it.. Hair takes a year to build up it's health and twenty minutes of bleach to destroy it. I guess in a way I'm lucky that I'm blonde (now) because it means I can put wash out colours in my hair and not damage my hair.. Or does it? 

These wash out colours are amazing and even child-safe but when it comes to washing them out, they're a bitch! When I did the whole fairyfloss pink fad in September, it took me two sessions of prelightener just to get rid of the residue pink that was stained on my hair. 

Who says we learn from our mistakes? Haha.. Yesterday I was bored and the Cherry Bomb fudge was staring at me.. Mix one teaspoon with half a cup of conditioner, slap it on, wash it off and within five minutes I went from platinum blonde Playmate hair to funky fresh celebrity-style blonde and coral summer hair. 

Extensions are made to be messed with :)

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