What A Way To Wear A Scarf..

Each time I'm at Northland Shopping Centre I sit in the food court and stare at this mannequin from a far.

Where you see three, I see only one

In this photo she even has more lighting than the other two (which blend together in my opinion)..

What a simple yet FANTASTIC way to wear a scarf. It makes me want to actually buy a scarf!

Worn this way it's a scarf, jacket, shawl and top all in one.

I love it. I loved it so much when I saw it that I went back the next day JUST to take this photo.

On my "to buy" list so far..

- Portmans leopard print dress
- Inglot AMC Face & Body bronzer
- Valleygirl pink and chocolate brown striped maxi skirt
- Windsor Smith glitter wedges from DFO
- A scarf just like this, with a matching skinny belt.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about.. I'm referring to the styling of the mannequin on the right.

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