Kink Nail Polish Swatches.

Remember last week when I wrote this post saying that I just had to try Kink nail polishes?
Tonight I went to Coles and bought four different shades. I bought three out of the ordinary glitter packed shades and one that looked like a basic nude tone.

I did not expect much from these polishes because they are
A) cheap
B) only available at Coles (which doesn't say much for quality)
and C) only have about eight colours in their entire range

I was SO shocked at the pigmentation, how fast each coat dries and the fact you only need two coats to get an amazing and thick coverage.

It's rare that I actually like a nail polish once it's on my nails. Most of them don't have a colour that transfers as well on to my nails as it looks just sitting pretty in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised to see that each and every one of these nail polishes are a beautiful, stunning, unique, and interesting shade.

I will definitely be going back and buying every other colour they have available.

Now for my rating and opinion.

Price: $5 each or buy 2 get 1 free = 5/5
Packaging: Simple = 4/5
Value For Money: Off the charts - 5/5
Quality: Not sure of how long it lasts once applied but for the price, I'd buy five of the same colour anyway 5/5

I was so impressed by this product that I want to do a giveaway containing these polishes and I haven't even tried the lipglosses and eyeshadows yet!

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