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I'm super duper excited.. So excited that I've already told mum the same thing five times today!
"I can't wait for our Sportsgirl stuff to arrive."

Lastnight mum and I were up late on the Sportsgirl website buying all the accessories we liked that are on sale for ridiculously low prices.

When I was in Shepparton last week with my mum and grandmother, I went into Sportsgirl and they were having an accessories sale. Everything was 50% off the MARKED price.. Most jewelry was already marked down to $2.99 $1.99 and even 99cents! So half price of those prices..? What more could I ask for?!
I bought $35 worth of stuff so you can imagine all the items I got! I will be doing a vlog on it tomorrow so I'll link it when it's uploaded.

It was a good shopping experience. I've never shopped online from a stores actual website before. It was $10 flat rate postage which is decent if you ask me. Most of the things I bought aren't even available in store anymore and they aren't this cheap even when they are - so the money I saved on the fact the items are more expensive in store, plus the time and petrol more than makes up for the measily $10 on postage. Even their clothing and shoes on sale were cheaper than they are in store. I might have to make a habit of visiting the Sportsgirl website and stalking their sale pages ;)

All you need is a PayPal account or a credit card (or visa debit). They post internationally too!

As for the shopping we did lastnight on the site? Here are the photos of the things I bought..

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