Glaze Me In China.

Two weeks ago my friend Candi and I went to get a pedicure. I was appalled at the fact it was $35 but when I walked out of the nail salon, my feet felt a million dollars.

I have a bad habit of walking bare feet in summer and wearing thongs all the time so my heels are always cracked and a bit rough. I have a pumice stone that works wonders but never gets rid of the cracks completely. I have had many pedicures in the past but this one really worked!

It's been two weeks and I am only JUST starting to get one crack on the back of each foot. Having smooth feet has been amazing so I think $35 a fortnight is well worth it.

Next time I might choose a more wearable colour polish though.

I had a hard time choosing between these three colours.
Cross Iron (Darker rust orange)
Orange Marmalade (Bright glitter orange)
Watermelon Ring (Green glitter)

I ended up choosing Orange Marmalade.

While I was waiting for my polish to dry, I looked at the other China Glaze polishes they had and discovered at least ten that I wanted to buy!

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