The Green, Green Grass Of Home.

My grandparents house has always felt like home to me.

My mum, brother and I always move around so the one place that has always seemed constant is my grandparents house.. and it's always so cheerful looking.

This photo was taken at the start of winter and it looks just as beautiful in winter as it does at any other time of the year. It's not very often that we see lawn and trees as green as this because Australia is in a drought and on water restrictions.

Luckily for us, my grandparents can pump bore water from the underneath the ground of their property.

This water isn't always a great option though. You can only use it every now and then for the simple reason that if it's too salty it will burn the top of the grass. You also need to make sure that you water the garden and yard when it's not in direct sunlight.

What my grandfather also discovered is that you can shandy it. By "shandy", he means you can mix town water with the bore water to dilute the salt content.

I also love this photo because my car is in the driveway. Well, it's my grandparents car now.


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